London’s Best Anti Valentine’s Day Event!

London’s Best Anti Valentine’s Day Event!

We pride ourselves on holding London’s best ANTI Valentine’s Day event – and this year is no different!

Murder Mystery Party

Always trying to mix things up, we wanted to do something a little bit different this year. There are very few events that have everything, that’s why I’m super-excited to hold our first murder mystery party in conjunction with Play Dead London.

The whole idea is that we get away from the cheese of set menus, dodgy crepe paper hearts and pink balloons everywhere. Valentine’s Day has this way of making us feel as though we need to buy a card, flowers or chocolates for some reason.

Anyway, the event is for everyone – couples, singles, “it’s complicateds” even though it has a cool dating app theme.

Link for the full event is here…… Or, to save yourself time, tickets are available below.