What Makes the Best Dating Events in London?

What Makes the Best Dating Events in London?

Although we organise a variety of really cool and quirky things, our singles nights are starting to get a reputation as the best dating events in London.  So we thought we’d break down what separates our dating events from the rest and why we’re starting to sell out months in advance. So, what does make the best dating events in London?

The FUN Factor

Our first priority is our guests having fun. We want everybody to feel as though there’s more to the event than just being shoved in a room and told to mingle. There are no name tags and no boring interview-style events where you feel as though you’d rather stab yourself in the eye than go through your work history one more time.

Not All Single People Want a Relationship

A lot of dating events emphasise “finding love” or meeting “the one” and how that person could be just around the corner. Look, we get that. We understand that single people want to get out there and meet people without feeling pressured. Some people are incredibly happy just being single – and that’s great. But, we don’t want anyone to feel pressured to have to come away with a certain amount of connections. If you meet someone – great. If not, it’s certainly not the end of the world.

Our Ethos is on Improving Offline Communication Skills

We ban phones at all of our events as we want everyone to focus on whatever it is they’re doing and nothing else. We’re glued to  screens all day, texting, emailing, instant messaging each other yet our offline communication skills are suffering. Things like body language, eye contact and tone of voice are incredibly important when we first meet somebody and we want to harness them. We know that at every single one of our events people walk out with more confidence – which we’re so proud of.

So, if you’ve never done a dating event in London before (most people who come to our events haven’t) definitely give us a try to find out why we have the best dating events in London.