Meet Arti – Our Amazing New Operations Manager

At Smudged, we only want awesome people to be part of our team.

People who share our values when comes to improving our offline communication skills…..

People who are filled with chutzpah and personality….

People who love being around other people and want to be part of London’s coolest events company…..

Anyway, after searching high and low for a new operations manager that would slide effortlessly into the role with consummate ease – we found the amazing Arti!

I sat down and grilled Arti to get to the nitty-gritty on what our new bad-ass operations manager is all about. Enjoy.


You dropped everything to start your own business recently… Tell us all about it!


I did indeed! I worked in IT for 8 years after graduating from uni and throughout that time, I had an overwhelming, niggling feeling that there was something else for me and that I could be contributing to the world in a better way. So I called it a day, went to “find myself” in Bali (very Eat. Pray. Love. I know) and then came back to London after 2.5 months to start running my own practice as a Love & Relationship Coach for Singles. I haven’t looked back since and truly feel excited by this work! I LOVE really connecting with people on a deeper level and am a true romantic and so the work I do really allows this as I get to personally coach wonderful people and run workshops and coaching groups too which is an absolute dream! And the dream has gotten even better now that I’m part of the Smudged Lipstick family! Get in! 


What are you most looking forward to being part of the Smudged Lipstick team?

Oh, easy! All the wonderful and cool people I get to meet and hang out with at our events! As I mentioned, truly connecting with people is one of my favourite things in life and our events really allow for that all whilst having LOADS of fun – what more could I ask for?! #BestJobEVER!


Smudged Lipstick hosts some pretty quirky events… What is the quirkiest event you’ve ever been to?

Hmm…good question! The thing that instantly comes to mind is an amazing ecstatic dance party I got to go to in Bali! The night started with my friend and I jumping on his moped and racing our way into the depths of Ubud to make our way to the most AMAZING mansion you have ever seen in your life! The party began with some serious eye gazing exercises with the people next to me, followed by dancing to tribal drums and the most blissed out lounge music all night under the stars. It was an alcohol/drug-free party and everyone there was truly high on life and the amazing vibe! People from all walks of life were there, having their auras “smudged”  and energy read as they entered the party. I had fab conversations with yogis, mystics, proper nomads and all sorts as we dangled our feet in a gorgeous pool waxing lyrical about life in our blissed out states. And all this in middle of a rice paddy field! Pure heaven – my best Valentines Day, ever! 


We’re all about improving our offline communication skills here at Smudged. Is there a communication skill that you would like to improve yourself?

Yes! I’m always pushing myself to be a better communicator, it’s not just essential for my work but for all areas of my life! I’m currently trying to bring more authenticity to my digital communication by only replying to my WhatsApp messages using voice or video. I’ve been loving it and it really has made a huge difference as the people I’m sharing with hear my true experience as opposed to their interpretation of it via a text message. I really feel we miss out through endlessly sending written messages back and forth, we miss out on the real human stuff. It’s been so lovely having so many of my family and friends reciprocate and me really getting to hear and feel their experience of life too. This is definitely a habit for life now! I’m also really mindful of the language I use, trying not to “should all over myself”! It’s so powerful how the simplest change to the way you speak to yourself and others can be so empowering!


Who is your celebrity dream date and why?

Oh, I’m totally crushing on Tom Hiddleston right now! Ugh, that man knows how to wear a suit! And those eyes, the cheekbones and that body – I mean Jordi, have you seen him in The Night Manager?! A proper English gent gets me everything time! Oh, and I have my Benedict Cumberbatch moments too – for exactly the same reasons! They both seem like truly lovely guys and they’re funny! Make me laugh and you’ve totally won me over! Intelligent, witty, charming and hot! What more could you ask for?! Swoooon.

Thank you so much! We’re so happy to have you as a huge part of the team!

To find out more about Arti’s awesome relationship coaching work for singles, take a look-see at her website: