Meet Our New Bad-Ass Hosts!

We’re so excited to bring to you the newest additions to the Smudged Lipstick fam! As the company continues to expand, we wanted to make sure we had some real bad-ass hosts to continue to give you the whole “Smudged” experience we’re famous for.

And here they are! Over to you, gang!


Hi I’m Chrissy, I’m really excited to be joining Smudged because I love the brand and ethos! I’m most excited about meeting new people and playing matchmaker – (winky face)!



Why Smudged Lipstick? I want to bring the fun factor and make people feel their best, Smudged Lipstick are all about offline communication and communicating with real people and I am so positive about the benefits of just getting out of your comfort zone and meeting people face to face. Not to mention…who doesn’t love Dirty Scrabble…?!


I’m so happy to be joining the Smudged Lipstick team! I came along to some events last year and I loved the relaxed atmosphere and getting to meet so many different, interesting people. In today’s online world, it’s great to be able to just switch off and chat to people over a drink and a pile of fallen jenga blocks! 


I love talking to new people and getting to know them – you just never know what you’re going to find and it’s exciting! By being a part of Smudged Lipstick, I want to spread that sense of adventure so that we connect more and add to each other’s lives! Wonder who could be sat across you next time?

We’re so happy to have you as a huge part of the team!

Jordi and Arti