New Venue Spotlight – The White Haus, Farringdon

New Venue Spotlight – The White Haus, Blackfriars/Farringdon – North London

Sooooo, as the country adapts to the “new normal” and things start to open up we are proud to announce a partnership with a cool new venue in north/central London.

The pro-alpine-themed White Haus in Farringdon-slash-Blackfriars will now be part of the Smudged team as we aim to host really cool events across the whole of London.

We will be overtaking the private downstairs bar with some of our awesome dating events to start off with Dirty Scrabble on Thursday September 23rd, but will be adding some new, alternative dating events and social stuff in 2022.

The White Haus is part of the independent Hippo Inns who have been really supportive of what we do and what we’re trying to achieve as we encourage our amazing community to ditch the screens and do something FUN!