We Are Officially the Number 1 Dating Events Company in the UK… 2 Years in a Row!

Don’t worry, this won’t be a long, boring post where I blow my own trumpet. Honest.

I never started the business to win awards. I mean, I didn’t even know that winning awards were a thing for dating events. I just remember getting super-excited with my girlfriend at the time when I sold my first ticket. We even went out and celebrated….. She paid.

Anyway…. It’s incredible to believe that 18 months later Smudged Lipstick Events was named the UK’s number 1 dating events brand for the second year in a row at the UK Dating Awards (yep, that’s an actual thing – my friends barely believe me about that one too).

The award means a lot more this year as it shows that it wasn’t a fluke and that so many more people are picking up what we’re putting down when it comes to our events.

Anyway, I can’t thank you all enough for grabbing tickets and your feedback (both good and bad) in helping us achieve such a prestigious award. I’m incredibly humbled.

Last but not least this wouldn’t have been at all possible without the tireless efforts of the Amazing team behind the scenes.