Play-Doh Dating

Regular, run-of-the-mill speed dating is so boring and monotonous and “singles” cocktail parties are…. Well… A little bit wanky. Share an experience that’s a little bit different making it so much easier to break the ice with somebody.

How it works:

A cross between Pictionary, Play-Doh and speed dating! There will be cards on the table suggesting random, quirky objects or situations relating to pop culture to build as a “couple” as you spend time with each person before rotating – like speed dating. Objects and situations can be anything from the Last Supper to the last fight scene from the original “Karate Kid”. It’s absolutely hilarious and so much fun!

Ummmm, just try not to eat the Play-Doh – as tempting as it is.

We’re not going to promise you that you’re going to meet “the one” but we can guarantee you’ll have an amazing time meeting cool people.

Tickets are incredibly limited and do sell out quickly as we really want you to remember each person you meet as opposed to herding you into a crowded room to make as much money as we can.