Score A Blind Date In London!

Score a Blind Date in London!


Dating is hard enough let alone during a pandemic…… Am I right?

Nobody wants a pen-pal, right? I mean, who has the time to message back and forth for weeks without ever actually meeting up? Exactly. We feel you!

So, this is where we decided to muscle our way in and start sending people from the amazing Smudged Lipstick community on a free blind date!

Ummmmm….. What Do You Mean “Blind”

Yep, an old-fashioned proper BLIND date. You literally know nothing about the person. No Googling. No Facebook or Instagram stalking. Nada. Our ethos of getting better at communicating offline via doing cool things is now moving into matchmaking…. Eh, Sort of.

How Does It Work?

Each week we will have somebody chosen via the simple application process.

You must fill out THIS FORM! (sorry for shouting).

Once we receive the form filled out, we’re going to oversee who we think would get on really well based on your responses.

Forms will be considered by midday each Friday and we’ll reach out to you later that afternoon if successful. You only need to apply once as we’ll hold onto your form until we find you a match.

Once that’s sorted, we’re going to organise a destination with one of our partners. These could include crazy golf, food and drinks, escape room, life drawing – something cool anyway.

Once the date’s over we’ll be in touch afterwards to see how things went.

I hope this all makes sense – please email me if it doesn’t.


Jordi and the Smudged Team