Singles Life Drawing London

Singles Life Drawing London

Regular, run-of-the-mill dating events are so boring and monotonous and “singles” cocktail parties are…. Well… A little bit wanky. So, step outside that comfort zone and share an experience that’s a little bit different – making it so much easier to break the ice!

How it works:

London’s first ever singles life drawing event! Spend the evening meeting with a maximum of 30 like-minded people in a great atmosphere all whilst exploring your artistic side. The evening will start at the bar before we grab our sketch pads partake in the evening’s class hosted by established life drawers.

There will be 3 poses varying in time length. There will be a break in between each one to grab a drink, mingle and compare drawings.

The evening will conclude at the bar where we will all mingle over a drink…. Or two.

With the event being so unique tickets are incredibly limited and do sell out quickly as we really want you to remember each person you meet as opposed to herding you into a crowded room to make as much money as we can.