Why Smiling is the Best Way to Meet New People

By being the UK’s best dating events brand we know a thing or 2 about meeting new people. Or quest to improve people’s offline communication skills continues with smiling. But, before you look at the title again and roll your eyes we want to plead our case on why we think smiling is the best way to meet new people.

ONE: Mirror Mirror

We are all a mirror image of what’s in front of us. If someone’s frowning – we’re more likely to frown back. If someone’s looking away from us whilst speaking, we’re more likely to feel as though we don’t need to look at them either. So, needless to say that if we smile at someone – there’s a high chance they’ll smile right back at us. Because we’re both smiling there is now a positive platform to build the conversation on. Got it? The whole mirror image thing? Great, let’s move on.

TWO: It Shows You’re  a Positive Person

OK, if a natural smile is first place you go to – chances are high that you’re a positive person. People like being around positive people, so that’s only going to encourage people to want to spend more time with you.

THREE: It’s Attractive

Smiling is sexy. Being miserable in the corner or being glued to your phone is not. Think about it…… Someone will be a lot more inclined to come over and speak to you if they see you laughing and smiling, so that can only be a good thing. Excellent, let’s move on.

FOUR: Be Careful Though

The last thing you want to do is OVER do it. Big, awkward, fake smiles are not good and a little bit creepy. If you’re worried or nervous about over doing it, just be conscious of not showing too many teeth and gradually build your confidence. Keep it natural, simple and endearing and you’ll be absolutely fine.