Social Distancing at Events in the UK

Social Distancing at Events in the UK Due to Covid-19

So, events as we know them will never be the same again. Regardless of the fact that we will go back to live events eventually (it will happen, trust us), the regulations on social distancing will certainly effect the way events in the UK (and the world for that matter) are run in the future.


Remember the days when we were able to crush each other whilst trying to get into a gig, where we then literally sweated all over every person we came into contact with…. Ahhh, that was the life!

Anyway, here are a few social distancing protocols we’ll be able to look forward to when the floodgates finally open up and we’re able to attend live events in the UK.


There’ll be tests we’ll all need to take before being allowed to enter. It will be an “on the spot” test before entering, so it won’t mean pre-booking or having to pay 100’s of pounds beforehand but it will mean we’ll all need to be more patient.


Because of the extra tests, we’ll need to factor in the time aspect of everything. If lining up is your thing, you can now add COVID-19 test to cloakroom, toilet, ticket, metal detector, bar, merchandise and food as an extra line that you will have to navigate through.


Although all large events adhere to certain health and safety standards – those standards are now going to be a lot higher. Rigorous checks by various associations to make sure everything is in place will ensure that all attendees can confidently enjoy themselves.

Money Money Money

The general consensus is that things cost money. Crazy, I know. But, now that all events will need to adhere to the various health and safety regulations the costs may well go up. Whether it be hand sanitiser, more security or event special “outdoor areas” these things will come at a cost to the event organisers and venues. It’s yet to be seen as to whether the Government will subsidise any of this….. But it looks highly doubtful going on the past 12 months.


Space as we know it has changed. Being pressed up against someone at bar is now a distant memory which will definitely divide opinion. As we all saw during the summer certain rules such as “the rule of 6” meant that spaces we’ve grown to love completely change to accommodate events across the UK.


With less people and space alterations happening at all venues the atmosphere is definitely going to change. A pumping atmosphere is one of the things we’ve all been craving during the various lockdowns. Look at football without fans for example – is there anything worse than fake crowd noise?

Anyway, this will take time to get back to the way it was pre-COVID, so instead of complaining, we just need to accept it and embrace it. There are a lot of moving parts to events whether it be the venue staff to the organisers to security guards to drinks distributors. We need to support the industry as much as possible when things open up again so that we can get back to living life the way we want to.