Top 5 Veganuary Restaurants for Dates & Mates

Whether you are planning to go Vegan or not this month, January (for most of us) marks the start of ‘New Year New Me’. Here are some of the best Vegan restaurants in London, places where you can have the perfect healthy date night or mate night and not even know that what you are eating isn’t even real cheese. Trust us.


The “I’m SEXY and I know it” Date

Sexy Shoreditch interiors, organic cocktails and more millennial pink than you can shake your iPhone at. This aesthetically pleasing vegan restaurant has an incredible array of dishes ranging from hotdogs to sharing plates that appeal to both vegans and meat eaters. Genesis is also the proud owner of the UK’s only organic cocktail bar and boast a deliciously decadent dessert menu.

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The “The WINE not” Date

The Gate in Marylebone call themselves the “plant-based pioneers” and they know what they are talking about. Throughout the year they run Vegan supper clubs so you can enjoy their dishes even when Veganuary comes to an end. A 5-course tasting menu with matching vegan wines is £49.50 and they are running once a month until April. Bon Appetit!

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The “Dirty” Date

When you think dirty burgers, you don’t necessarily think Vegan but be prepared to be amazed because Biff’s Jack Shack is the perfect Vegan junk food haven. They created the original crispy fried jackfruit and have been serving up loaded fries, seven types of wings and nachos since their successful pop up in Boxpark. Head to Dalston where they have partnered with Brewdog to bring the world’s first Vegan Brewdog mashup.

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The “FRENCH kiss” Date

When you are looking to impress you can’t go wrong with Michelin-starred food or a French name. Don’t worry, we aren’t about to break the bank because when food is plant-based it tends to be less pricey. Treat yourself (and your date) to a seven-course tasting menu for £55 at Pied à Terre in fancy Fitzrovia and make them say ooh la la.

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The “Give me some SUGAR” Date

Even if you are heading to the gym this month, it is always worth giving your sweet tooth a little attention. Vegan ice cream is undeniably creamy and delicious so swing by La Gelateria and take your Vegan ice cream and date for a romantic stroll around Covent Garden. The walking will burn off the calories and the ice cream will feed your happy place – win win.

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