Vote For Us as London’s Best Event

Voting for things is annoying – we get it. Not a moment goes by where we’re not asked by one of our friends to vote for them as part of some glorified popularity contest, so we totally feel your pain.

BUT, over the past 2 and a half years we have established Diary Days as one of London’s best cult events (if you haven’t been yet – you haven’t lived!). And, we believe it totally merits the Design My Night award for best event in London – especially over the last year…… Being a self-funded startup this will be huge for our little brand in taking the necessary steps to grow around the UK.

But we need your help to vote!

It takes just 10 seconds….

All you need to do is….
1. Go onto their site: Design My Night.
2. Stay on “London” drop down menu.
3. Type “Diary Days” into the events section
4. Feel happy that you’ve done something good.

Thanks so much for your support in helping us grow – whether you voted or not. We really appreciate your help!