We’re up for UK Dating Awards Events Brand of 2017!

What an incredible year Smudged Lipstick has had! It’s been truly awesome and mindblowing to see how quickly the brand has expanded and the message of bringing communication back offline has grown stronger and stronger!

And so it is so incredibly humbling when our efforts are recognised and even more so by one of the leading experts in the Dating Industry! We’re so very happy to announce that we have been nominated as a finalist for the UK Dating Events Brand of the Year 2017!

Firstly, we have to thank you, yes YOU for your continued support over the last year. It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to meet you all at our events and the enthusiasm with which you take part makes hosting the events so much fun!

We could try and sum up why we think the Smudged concept works so well, but in all honesty, you guys do it so much better!

In your own words…

“The twists that Smudged Lipstick put on the normal speed dating events makes such a difference, and takes away a lot of the potential awkwardness that you might otherwise expect. The events I’ve been to have had a good group of people there, and regardless of whether or not you meet someone, it’s a fun evening out.”

Our unconventional approach is rather appealing…

“This slightly quirky twist on a conventional concept is what enticed me to try speed dating – something I have never had the inclination to do before. And it ended up being a welcome break from the the tedium of dating apps! The combination of decent venues and the idea of pairing the night with games seems to attract a good bunch of people, meaning if nothing else, you’ll surely end up having a good ol chat and a giggle. And thank you to the host Jordi for being so very welcoming and so successfully eliminating any potential awkwardness. Give it a go folks – I can confidently say you’ll have a blast.”

Even the skeptics have been converted…

“Went to the Jenga event with a friend who was keen to check it out and had heard great things about it, I was a little skeptical to begin with but ended up having a great night out. So much so I’ll be going to another one very shortly.”

A guaranteed a fun night out…

“It’s been ages since I played either Pool or Ping-Pong, but as the vibe was super chilled and almost jovial-fun, I quickly got my groove back!  The organizers were super helpful and the crowd was equally laid back. These factors really made the event feel different, and much more fun than the usual dating events. I felt that strangers immediately became friends over a game of pool or ping pong, and time just flew by! I’m looking forward to another event.”

Wow! Thank you so much again! And thank you to the UK Dating Awards for the nomination!

Arti & Jordi