Why Dating Companies Should Never Focus on Love….

Why Dating Companies Should Never Focus on Love….

I don’t get it. I never have.  The “meet the one” or “love is just around the corner” lines splashed everywhere from billboards to websites in the hope that we’ll hand over our hard-earned money on something that nobody can ever guarantee. Without getting into the eternal debate of “what is love?” I wanted to explore as to why dating companies should never focus on love.

There’s No Metric For Love

The summary of data by any survey can always be taken with a grain of salt based on the respondents and amount of respondents. But, when it comes to something that’s immeasurable like love we surely can’t be expected to believe any of it, can we? Famous apps and sites will throw around statistics such as “1 in 14 matches leads to love/serious relationship” as a huge selling point as that’s what a lot of people are looking for, and clearly it works.

Subjective Nature

“Love” is subjective. What love means to me, may mean something completely different to somebody else, so these statistics can only hold so much weight. A “serious” relationship on the other hand has a little more strength to it as a key stat – I mean, you can probably say that if you’re living with somebody that it counts as a serious relationship (even though you may not be in love – but that’s a different subject altogether).

Under Pressure

A lot of us don’t see love or a serious relationship as the end goal. Times have changed, and we no longer feel the need to conform to the whole “romantic love-equals-happiness” mantra. Expectations will always bring a certain amount of pressure and if a company boasts that they will most-likely bring love or a serious relationship into your life after a certain amount of dates then the pressure is high.

What happens if we don’t find love after a certain amount of dates? Is it something to do with us? The people we’ve dated? The company? So many questions, yet the answer is probably a combination of all of the above so the unnecessary pressure to deliver is both on the people to meet somebody and the company to deliver.

So, What Now?

We never do the whole “love hearts” thing or say “you might meet the one tonight” because it’s not us and what we’re about. Running a lot of dating events, we’ve always been very open and honest about just having fun and enjoying the event for what it is.

Dating companies can’t promise anything when it comes to love and relationships – so don’t believe them if they say they have the answer or miracle algorithm. It just doesn’t exist.